Who We Are

Our Vision

Saint John thrives socially and economically through an enhanced quality of life for everyone


Living SJ is Saint John's movement to end generational poverty by removing the education, health and employment barriers for families who live in low-income neighbourhoods.


We know that reducing poverty is not only the right thing to do – it’s what’s best for our economy, too.

We use a Collective Impact approach and work with a network of over 100 partners from three levels of government, the private sector, non-profits and neighbourhoods. See the full Living SJ network below.

Living SJ consists of a leadership team, four collective impact teams, a planning team and two backbone staff. Check out our governance structure.

Living SJ network


Our partners




  • Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative, Brice Belyea, Board member

  • Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative, Monica Chaperlin, Coordinator

  • Chapman Group, CEO, Tanya Champman

  • Delta Hotel, Paulette Hicks, General Manager (Past Chair of Living SJ)

  • Enterprise Saint John, Ron Gaudet, Chief Executive Officer

  • Enterprise Saint John, Michele Lodge (Education CIT Co-Chair, PRC)

  • Godbout Fawcett Law, Cathy Fawcett, Partner (PRC Co-Chair)

  • Medavie Blue Cross, Dawn-Marie Buck, Director, Extra Mural Program (Health CIT Co-Chair)

  • Merrifield Photography, Brittany Merrifield, Economic & Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) Board Member

  • Price Waterhouse Cooper, Gord Ashe, Partner, LSJ Treasurer

  • Port of Saint John, Craig Estabrooks (PRC)

  • RBC Dominion Securities, Tom Gribbons (PRC Co-Chair)

  • TimberTop Adventures, David Alston (Co-Chair of Living SJ)


Government – Municipal

  • City of Saint John, Mayor Don Darling

  • City of Saint John, John MacKenzie, Councilor

  • City of Saint John, Jacqueline Hamilton, Commissioner, Growth & Community Development

  • City of Saint John, Phil Ouellette, Executive Director, Office of the City Manager

  • City of Saint John, Steve Carson, CEO, Develop Saint John (PRC)

  • City of Saint John, Barry Freeze, Leisure Services

  • City of Saint John, Bruce Connell, Chief, Saint John Police Force  

  • Town of Grand Bay-Westfield, Grace Losier, Mayor


Government – Provincial


  • Horizon Health Network, Heather Chase, Community Development, *Neighbourhood CIT Co-Chair

  • Horizon Health Network (Mental Health), Sue Haley, Director (Health CIT Co-Chair)

  • Horizon Health Network, Bridget Tutschka, Family Physician (PRC)

  • Horizon Health Network, Dan Doherty, Primary Care Access Coordinator

  • Horizon Health Network & Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, Dr. Sarah Gander, Pediatrician

  • NB Economic & Social Inclusion Corporation, Stephane LeClair, Executive Director

  • NB Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Paul Graham, Director

  • NB Department of Public Safety and Justice, Bruce Kingston, Regional Director

  • NB Department of Social Development, Eric Beaulieu, DM and President of ESIC

  • NB Department of Social Development, Lisa Doucette, ADM (PRC)

  • NB Department of Social Development, Brian Marks, Regional Director

  • NB Department of Social Development, Mark Doyle, Provincial Program Consultant 

  • Provincial MLA Representative, Dorothy Shephard


Government – Federal

  • ACOA, Linda MacDonald, Manager, High-Growth Firms Secretariat (PRC)

  • Federal MP, Saint John-Rothesay, Wayne Long  



  • Anglophone School District South, Zoe Watson Superintendent (Education CIT Co-Chair)

  • Saint John the Baptist/Kind Edward School, PSSC, Theresa Rogers

  • New Brunswick Community College, Catherine Sidney, Associate Regional Director/Department Head Allied Health (PRC)

  • University of New Brunswick Saint John, Robert MacKinnon, Vice-President

  • University of New Brunswick Saint John, Tracey Chiasson, VP office


Philanthropic, Non-Profit and Community Organizations and Neighbourhoods

  • Association Regionale de la Communauté francophone de Saint-Jean, Michel Côté, General Manager

  • Bee Me Kidz, Missy Beswick, Executive Director

  • Carleton Community Centre, Krista Creamer, Executive Director

  • Community, Donna Beaton, Employment CIT Chair*

  • Crescent Valley Resource Centre, Anne Driscoll, Executive Director

  • The Community Foundation, John Travis, Chair

  • The Community Foundation, Michelle Thibodeau Coates, Vice-Chair (PRC)

  • The Community Foundation, Kelly Evans, Executive Director

  • Elementary Literacy Inc., Dr. Erin Schryer, Executive Director

  • Human Development Council, Brian Stephenson, Chairperson

  • Human Development Council, Juanita Black, Neighbourhood Leader and Community Activist (PRC)

  • Human Development Council, Randy Hatfield, Executive Director

  • ONE Change, Tamara Kelly, Executive Director

  • P.U.L.S.E. (People United for Lower South End), Mary LeSage, Operations Manager

  • New Brunswick Children’s Foundation, Marilyn Lester, Board Chair 

  • Saint John Boys & Girls Club, Amy Shanks, Executive Director

  • Saint John Learning Exchange, Christina Fowler, Executive Director

  • Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception, Sister Mary Beth McCurdy, Congregational Leader

  • United Way Serving Saint John, Kings, Charlotte Counties, Christine Hanlon, Chair

  • United Way Serving Saint John, Kings, Charlotte Counties, Alexya Heelis, Executive Director 

  • Waterloo Village Association, Penni Eisenhauer, Community Organizer (Neighbourhood CIT Co-Chair, PRC)

  • Women’s Empowerment Network, Sharon Amirault, Executive Director


PRC = Member of the Project Review Committee for the Social Innovation Fund

CIT = Collective Impact Team